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Exploration for Gold and Molybdenum


Leeward Capital Corp

Leeward Capital Corp. focuses on developing molybdenum and gold projects in Canada. Properties include one in central British Columbia – the Nithi Mountain Molybdenum deposit and one in Nunavut – the Pistol Lake Gold project.  Our team has decades of experience and proven track records of discovery and development of economic deposits.  Leeward is a reporting issuer and will reactivate a public listing soon. 


Nithi Mountain – Molybdenum

Nithi Mountain – Bulk Mo-tonnage Project

A Molybdenum Bulk Tonnage project in central BC.

Intermediate-stage with 387,192,000 tonnes of molybdenum ore (inferred and indicated)*.

Prospective areas for higher tonnage and grade intervals above the current  0.02% Mo cut off.

Resources comparable to a nearby, inactive Endako open-pit moly mine and milling facility.

Adjacent to a major highway, rail corridor and regional transmission line infrastructure.

Molybdenum is on Canada’s Critical Minerals List and a metal that is currently scarce in the world.

Molybdenum – a Rapidly Growing Market 

Molybdenum is on Canada’s Critical Minerals List and a metal that is in demand in the world.

Demand in aviation, aerospace, chemicals, steel, renewables, power, and many more industries. 

Good thermal and electrical conductivity and high-temperature,  wear and corrosion performance.

Molybdenum increased 44 USD/Kg or 94.62% since early 2023 with analysts forecasting growth.

Pistol Lake – Gold Project

Pistol Lake – Banded-iron Formation (BIF) Gold

Classic BIF gold deposit where exploration starting in 1965 has shown potential economic zones.

Gold deposits and mines of significance are along the Bathurst Fault zone, south of Pistol Lake.

Gold bearing banded ironformation occurs across a 1.7 km long and 700 m wide area and strike length over 3,650 m. 

At Pistol Lake high grades of gold are also found in quartz-veined tensional fracture zones within fold noses.

Chevron Minerals’ estimates 580,000 tons @ 0.406 oz/t Au with other zones remaining to be explored.


Nunavut Mining Development  

Roads and ports are being built to support exploration and mining activity in Nunavut.

Nearby mine development south and east of Pistol lake with airstrips, marine ports, roads and mining camps.

Pistol Lake is in the Bathurst Mining Camp which also hosts the new Goose Lake mine at the Back River Gold Project.

Logistical advantages are improving for exploration and potential exploitation with area infrastructure.

Leeward Capital Corp. has an experienced and diversified executive team and an advisory team with years of a history on both our projects, all with track-records of discovery, development and financing.

If you are interested, please use the Contact Us form to contact the Company, and we will discuss the offering and the investor qualifications to participate.

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