Leeward Capital’s company focus is on the development of gold and molybdenum projects in Canada. Properties include one in Nunavut, the Pistol Lake Gold project and one in central British Columbia –the Nithi Mountain Molybdenum deposit. Leeward is a reporting issuer and will reactivate a public listing soon.

Pistol Lake – Gold

Our Pistol Lake gold property has a dependable historical mapping, trenching and drilling database, completed primarily by Chevron before Leeward acquired Pistol Lake.   A NI-43-101-compliant Technical Report for Pistol Lake was completed by Leeward in 2020 and is available in the reports section on this website. In addition, older reports provide excellent summaries of the mineralization at Pistol Lake (80 drill holes, 11,089.2m). Exploration is planned to confirm and build upon the current database leading to a scoping study. Pistol Lake also offers an excellent joint venture opportunity for a major developer.

Think we’re too remote? Pistol Lake will be a gold deposit, not a bulk tonnage development. Because Pistol Lake is situated 16km from tidewater,  supplies needed to reduce tons of ore to troy ounces of gold can be brought in via sea lift. When a commodity has to be significantly reduced in bulk at the source of the deposit,  refining techniques are developed at the site – the final product is shipped out as bars of gold.  This process can be observed in real-time as Sabina  Gold and Silver build their Mine to the south.

This historical development pattern for mining took place in eastern Nunavut, and the same is evolving here in the Bathurst Camp of western Nunavut. The new proposed Gray’s Bay Port and road facility in the western arctic will be located west of Pistol Lake. Also, Pistol Lake is close to the Sabina Gold and Silver Corp. marine laydown area and airstrip (42 km or 26 miles). The trailblazers Sabina and Agnico Eagle have proven the viability of gold mining in the arctic.

Nithi Mountain – Molybdenum

The Nithi Mountain Molybdenum deposit is a bulk tonnage project. And for this purpose, our location is perfect. Nithi is an intermediate staged project with combined inferred and indicated reserves of 387,192,000 tonnes of molybdenum ore. The details of higher to lower, tonnage and grade intervals and recommendations for further drilling are described in the 2011 Tetra Tech Wardrop technical report available on this website. A cut-off grade of 0.02% Mo was selected for this report.  Leeward is confident that grade and tonnage will be further advanced based on the technical review and recommendations. Nithi is located adjacent to past producer Endako Mines in an area with excellent infrastructure. Nithi is Leeward’s more advanced project and will advance to a cash flow mineable deposit in a shorter time frame.

Molybdenite has recently been added to Canada’s critical minerals list. Please see our FAQS page that describes the extensive uses for this mineral, from steelmaking to hydrogen production as a catalyst or in the electrolyzers used in green hydrogen production. Molybdenum alloys are also found in military, aviation and aerospace materials requiring high strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, or high corrosion resistance

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