Q. Which property is of principal interest currently?

A. Pistol Lake property in Nunavut with a estimated  geological calculated resource drilled by Chevron Minerals, 1988 of 580,000 tons grading 0.40 oz/ton gold. An NI 43-101 has been completed by Stantec and is available in the reports section on this website. Exploration is planned to confirm and expand this resource and build upon the current database to bring the Pistol Lake gold project into compliance according to current NI-43-101 and resource estimation phase reporting standards.

Q. Is Pistol Lake arctic development feasible/profitable?

A.  For some commodities, especially gold, profitable mines are in production in Nunavut right now and more are in development.

Q. Price of gold today?  A. Current price.

Q 2022 Economic Forecasts in relation to gold ?

A Many economists are predicting a recession and some are predicting gold to be a favourable asset to have in your portfolio. Leeward’s Pistol Lake project makes Leeward a good solid investment.

Q. Price of molybdenum oxide today? A. Current price.

Q. Why has Leeward Capital invested in Molybdenum at Nithi Mountain in British Columbia?

A. Since 2003 world prices  for molybdenum oxide have varied from $3.00 to over $36.00 a pound.   The versatility of molybdenum in industrial applications will be in demand and remain steady in the long run. Our Nithi Mountain deposit is a source of pure, primary molybdenum.

Q. What is Molybdenum used for?

A. Molybdenum is used in dozens of metal alloys, stainless steel and electrodes. It is a critical mineral for use in alloys requiring high temperature strength. Molybdenum is a key component in everything from pipeline manufacture to wind turbine parts necessary for modern infrastructure development. Importantly, molybdenum has recently been added to Canada’s critical mineral list.

  • The primary use is in steel alloys. From 1% to 4% is added to stainless steels for strength and corrosive resistance.
  • new uses are in development for nuclear energy
  • Alloy 617a combination of nickel, chromium, cobalt and molybdenum – has been approved by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for inclusion in its Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. This means the alloy, which was tested by Idaho National Laboratory (INL), can be used in proposed molten salt, high-temperature, gas-cooled or sodium reactors. It is the first new material to be added to the Code in 30 years.
  • Molybdenum has been proposed as a catalyst for an inexpensive way to produce hydrogen for both blue and green hydrogen processing.
  • Molybdenum has a role to play for clean energy solutions and hydrogen production. When developed, Leeward’s Nithi Mountain Mo deposit will be a part of the clean energy future.



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