Q. Specifically what property and mineral is your focus?

A. Nithi Mountain, BC. The mineral is Molybdenum

Q. Why has Leeward Capital shifted focus to Molybdenum?
A. Since 2003 world prices have varied from $3.00 to over $36.00 a pound. The current price is around $12.00USD a pound. Given the versatility of molybdenum in industrial applications, demand should remain steady in the long run.

Q. What is Molybdenum used for?

A. Molybdenum is used in dozens of metal alloys, stainless steel, electrodes, and is a key component in all pipeline manufacture necessary for modern infrastructure development.

The primary use is in steel alloys. From 1% to 4% is added to stainless steels for strength and corrosive resistance. Molybdenum is also the catalyst to clean the impurities out of the vast quantities of coal and stranded natural gas that exists in the world today. With China’s continued economic development and in particular the Belt & Road project, demand for molybdenum could potentially stimulate increased demand for all metals including molybdenum.

Q. What other properties does the company have in Canada?
A. Pistol Lake property in Nunavut with 580,000 tons grading 0.40 oz/ton gold.