Pistol Lake Project

Gold – Pistol Lake, Nunavut

The Pistol Lake gold property has been held by Leeward Capital Corp. since 1991 and is located in Nunavut along the west side of Bathurst Inlet. Logistically, the property lies 14 km west of tidewater at Portage Bay and 30 km northwest of the new proposed deep-water port facility at the hamlet of Bathurst Inlet.

Various exploration companies carried out diamond drilling during the periods 1964-65, 1979, 1984-85, 1988, and most recently in 2000. Roberts Mining carried out an initial 8-hole diamond drilling program in 1964-65. Gold Fields Mining Corp. completed an eleven-hole program in 1979. Silver Hart Mines, in 1984-85 completed a total of 48 diamond drill holes. Chevron Minerals completed eight holes in 1988. Most recently, in 2000, Qikiqtaaluk Corporation completed an eight-hole program under an option agreement with Leeward. A total of 83 drill holes have been completed. All of this previous information, consisting of detailed geological mapping, geochemical sampling, trenching, drilling, and both ground and airborne geophysical surveying has been assembled into a comprehensive computer database for the property. The most recent report for Leeward’s Pistol Lake property is by WMC and is appended in the reports section on this site.

Recent exploration in the region include the opening of a Tmac mine http://www.tmacresources.com/Home/default.aspx at Hope Bay and the discovery of six new iron formation hosted gold deposits by Sabina Gold and Silver Corp., http://www.sabinagoldsilver.com/news/2018